Elections always seem like their right around the corner. In more than a few places, they are. But our options seem limited – divided among three groups: standard left-right lines and so called moderates. The left defends the weak and the poor but often end up hurting them by hurting economic growth and the right encourages economic growth but can end up hurting the weak and poor by not supporting them. Many on both sides are true believers – but anybody can see the flaws in both approaches. Others cast themselves as moderate. But moderation delivers neither sides’ desired outcomes. Moderation just seems to result in leaders who don’t stand for anything but their own power.

The time has come for something new. We need entirely new solutions to the same old problems. And we need solutions that deliver what both sides promise. We need help for the poor & economic growth. We need a robust foreign policy & peace. We need innovation & cost reduction in education and healthcare. We need to be encouraged to create & we need to reduce economic fear.

We can’t do this with the same old, same old.

We need a new path, albeit one based on commonly held beliefs.

That path is Potentialism.

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