Making it Happen!

We waste so much human potential simply because the systems we have either stifle it or encourage it to rot.

We can do better.

But doing better is not a one-man job. A successful movement must have three characteristics and three tools.

The characteristics are vision, will and execution.

The tools are money, power and (in a democratic society) people.

At this point, Potentialism is just an idea. It is just a vision with a dash of will. It doesn’t have any tools. There is no lever for the planners and the strong-willed to push.

To make it something more – to help humanity flourish – we need to acquire tools. The amazing thing about the tools is that they can be leveraged to extend one another. Money can provide marketing and influence – leading to power and people. Power can provide money and people. And people can provide money and power. It is a beautiful circle.

But it needs to be started.

If you are one of the following types of people, think about what you can do. Think about how you can be a seed for a better future:

  • Politician: People can’t pull a lever for Potentialism. There is no ballet option. But politicians can adopt aspects of this platform to stand out and to drive a more meaningful career.
  • Money (Wo)Man: This website is nice, but driving the ideas more broadly would ideally involve a dedicated think tank and educational organization. In addition, support for Potentialist Politicians could help drive their careers. Money is a great thing – but all too often philanthropists end up undermining the people they are trying to help. This is a better way.
  • Thinker: Help us flesh out these ideas. Put together laws and policies that might work in your country. Figure out where they wouldn’t work and help change them or address those weaknesses. Help us think about transitions and dealing with those who would be displaced by simplification.
  • Marketer: Help us find ways to spread the message. Figure out how it appeals to the motivations of different demographics and help pitch it to them. We enable so much – but everybody cares about something a little different.
  • Regular Joe: Talk about the these ideas. Talk a lot. This is how people get to know them and get comfortable.
  • Other: You know who you are and what you can do – share below.

We can help people flourish. We can have an impact far beyond our own lives. The seedlings of light and life that we plant can yield fruit for generations to come. Our lives can flow through those generations.

In the Five Books of Moses, the lives of the great from Abraham to Esav to Aaron and Moshe – are all ended in the same way. They are ‘gathered‘ to their people. The Hebrew word, Yosef, is often used in another context. It is used to describe the gathering of sheaves of wheat.

To me, this is a beautiful and haunting image. An image of souls being harvested at their peak – to be joined with the other sheaves of their peoples.

The Torah (Bible) speaks of sheaves and of harvesting in many other contexts. Of particular note, it speaks of ears of corn and kernels of wheat being left in the field – as gleanings for the poor.

When we are harvested, we want to leave these gleanings. We our presence to be maintained in this world through the fundamental good that we do.

This is how we live on.

It is how we bring meaning to our lives.

Take a moment, think about what you can do, and reach out below: