About Us

The Potentialist Party isn’t a real political party. It is instead a platform for sharing ideas. Actual implementation of the full suite of ideas (particularly those around tax) would require an agile and dynamic society with high technology penetration.

This points to smaller countries outside of broad groupings like the EU. Top-tier candidates might include Israel, Lebanon, Cyprus, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Costa Rica, Chile, Taiwan and Iceland. The healthcare and education concepts could be quickly and beneficially applied to larger and slower countries like the U.S.

The Potentialist Party isn’t about political structure. It is about underlying beliefs to push for within existing political structures.

Democratic governance, complete with checks, balances and clear individual rights, is the world’s most robust way to manage a peaceful political system. Potentialism is about finding underlying values that people should seek to support within that robust political system.

To learn more about the origins of these ideas, see the Other Resources.